A Dream Maine Getaway and Ours Orbitale Chandeliers Showcased on AD Magazine

This dream Maine getaway and ours Orbitale Brass Chandeliers as a standout feature, were showcased in this article in AD magazine.

When Charles Shoener and Eric Richter embarked on the journey of finding their ideal Maine getaway, they never imagined that the fourth house they visited would capture their hearts. Nestled on a small island near Portland, the home’s exceptional views of Casco Bay and its proximity to a nature preserve made it the perfect escape from their bustling Manhattan life.

For this remarkable transformation, the couple turned to the renowned designers John and Christine Gachot of Gachot Studios. Having previously collaborated on their Upper West Side apartment, the trust between them was already well-established. Gachot Studio is known for its ability to blend timeless craft with modern technology, resulting in projects that feature a refined aesthetic and a deep sense of place, which made it the ideal choice for this unique endeavor.

The challenge was to maintain the home’s unassuming exterior while infusing it with a casual yet bold interior design that catered to the couple’s penchant for art collection. Gachot succeeded in creating a home that resonated with the couple’s love for entertaining and their desire to have a comfortable space for overnight guests. Each room was thoughtfully oriented to maximize the breathtaking water views that Maine offers. The result is a retreat that truly captures the essence of this special island paradise.

Two of the standout elements of this transformation are a pair of Silvio Piattelli’s Orbitale Brass Chandeliers, one taking center stage in the living room, the other in the studio. Designed with versatility in mind, our Compact Orbitale Brass Chandelier expertly fits spaces with lower ceilings. Its unique design allows for a well-proportioned chandelier that provides both ambient and direct lighting, highlighting the beauty of reflecting objects. The natural brass shades create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfectly complementing the cozy and character-rich spaces that Shoener and Richter desired.

This transformation showcases how good design can enhance the beauty of a space and bring a unique character to life. The house design was featured in this article in AD magazine.