Our Orbitale and Mobile Chandeliers Showcased in this Miami Residence by Melanie Raines

Melanie Raines, an Austin-based architect and interior designer, draws from her boutique hotel experience in her residential projects. With a background working for Soho House and New Waterloo, she understands the importance of curating an experience for both residents and visitors. When tasked with transforming a Miami home for a couple downsizing with an impressive art collection, Raines combined form and function. She wrapped the entry and living area walls in honey-toned oak panels, creating a visual line that adds interest to the space. The clients’ art collection is integrated into the design, mounted directly on the wood wall treatment, and even placed on shelving units. Raines prioritizes creating spaces where art is lived with, not just looked at.

At the heart of this artistic transformation are two of our chandeliers, chosen by Melanie Raines to infuse the space with a touch of elegance and radiance.
In the living room, our Reflector Mobile Chandelier takes center stage, a radiant masterpiece cast in Solid Brass, with four Pivoting Lights and a reflector. With three pivoting lights on one side and a solitary luminary on the other, all thoughtfully poised to illuminate precious paintings, this chandelier showcases art in its best light. The reflector itself features a versatile ball joint for precision in directing the reflected luminescence.

Meanwhile, the hallway showcases our Compact Orbitale, a unique brass chandelier boasting three Rotating Balanced Arms. This compact marvel has been ingeniously designed to grace lower ceilings, with a 12-inch (30 cm) tall body that maintains a 6-inch (15 cm) clearance from the ceiling, resulting in an exquisitely proportioned 18-inch (45 cm) chandelier.

Pivot joints connect the shades to the arms, granting you the flexibility to orient the light as you desire. While it primarily offers ambient illumination, reflected off the ceiling through the shades, each shade features a strategically placed aperture that casts a gentle direct light downward, gracefully highlighting the tips of reflective objects such as silverware and crystalware, lending them a sense of depth and opulence.

To ensure a consistent, welcoming radiance, our chandeliers maintain their natural brass finish, including the lacquered shades, imparting a warm, inviting ambiance. Crafted from natural solid brass and meticulously hand-finished, these fixtures come in standard shade colors of ivory, black, and natural brass, with the option of natural patina brass.

Drawing inspiration from iconic mid-century modern Italian studios like Arteluce and Stilnovo, our chandeliers marry timeless design elements with a unique, distinctive flair, promising to infuse your home with an aura of elegance and sophistication.
In Melanie Raines’s artful vision, our chandeliers seamlessly merge aesthetics and functionality, enveloping you in comfort and beckoning guests into a warm and inviting atmosphere. Elevate your home design with the timeless allure of our chandeliers, and experience the transformative power of artistry in every corner of your living space.