Our Orbitale and Sistema Solare Chandeliers Shine in this Belgian Countryside Mansion

This contemporary mansion is located in the Belgian countryside and has a really sophisticated and elegant feel to it. When you walk into the living room, you immediately feel cozy and warm with the wide beige sofa, large windows, and gorgeous dark wooden floor. The black baby grand piano positioned behind the sofa adds a classy touch and fits perfectly with the modern design of the room.

Our Orbitale chandelier in the living room is specifically designed for lower ceilings, like this one. The shades are arranged in different ways, so they reflect the ambient light towards the ceiling, while also shining direct light downwards. This creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxing in.

The kitchen and dining area has a more intimate and cozy feel to it, with the dark wooden panels and a beautiful marble dining table that’s situated below a unique chandelier, the Sistema Solare. This chandelier is made of thin pieces of ivory-colored onyx, carefully crafted in Italy to showcase its beautiful patterns and translucency. The warm and inviting glow it creates is perfect for setting a cozy and intimate mood during meals.