Our Orbitale Chandeliers Grace the Fitler Club in Philadelphia

Nestled in the heart of Philadelphia, the Fitler Club is more than just a social club; it’s a vibrant hub brimming with art, community, and luxurious amenities. Envision a seamless blend of Soho House’s social scene, Equinox’s fitness haven, and WeWork’s collaborative workspace, all woven together across a sprawling 135,000-square-foot urban campus.

Fitler Club’s design masterfully blends the city’s rich industrial heritage with its forward-thinking spirit. Original 1920s building elements, like exposed brick and high ceilings, are juxtaposed with contemporary furnishings and artwork, creating a captivating “urban-chic” aesthetic.

At the heart of this vibrant space lies The Square, the club’s signature dining experience. A quietly dazzling room adorned with amazing art, it offers unparalleled views of the city and sets the stage for exceptional culinary moments.

Adding a touch of elegance to this space are two of Piattelli Design’s Orbitale Chandeliers. These brass fixtures hang gracefully, leaving ample space and maintaining a harmonious proportion within the room. 

The brilliance of the Orbitale lies in its versatile design: pivoting shades allow for customized light direction, while the warm brass and natural finishes bathe the space in a cozy glow. Each shade features a unique detail – a hole that casts a soft spotlight, adding depth and highlighting the exquisite tableware below. The shades, inspired by iconic mid-century modern pieces, offer a subtle nod to the past while remaining distinctly contemporary. 

Piattelli Design’s Orbitale Chandeliers grace The Square at Fitler Club, seamlessly complementing the club’s unique blend of art, history, and modern luxury.

Orbitale Chandelier