A Mid-century Modern Touch: Louise Hart Designs with our Adjustable Three-Arm Triennale Chandelier

Interior designer Louise Hart is known for creating sophisticated and timeless homes that blend modern style with a touch of fun. Her recent project features a stunning dining room where our Adjustable Three-Arm Triennale Style Chandelier takes center stage.

Louise, with her keen eye for detail and appreciation for cultural influences, has designed a space that exudes warmth and personality. A custom rug from Beauvais sets the foundation, while the client’s own artwork and ceramic collection add depth and character.

One of the centerpieces is our three-arm Triennale style chandelier, drawing inspiration from iconic 1950s Italian mid-century modern designs. This unique piece, handcrafted by a specialized workshop, captures the elegance and sophistication of the era while offering contemporary functionality.

Made from solid brass and hand-painted to perfection, the chandelier features three adjustable arms, each balanced with a counterweight in a matching shade color. The spun aluminum shades, available in a palette reminiscent of the 1950s, offer both focused task lighting and ambient illumination.

Louise Hart’s design exemplifies how modern and timeless elements can come together to create a truly special space. Our Adjustable Three-Arm Triennale Style Chandelier, with its blend of Mid-century modern design and contemporary functionality, perfectly complements her vision.