The Sistema Solare Chandelier Shines in a California-Inspired Kansas Residence

In the midst of the pandemic, Beth Zollars, a visionary professor and entrepreneur, undertook an exceptional project, breathing life into a Mission Hills home while residing 1,600 miles away. Confronting shipping delays and resource shortages, she triumphed in crafting a Californian dream right in the heart of Kansas.

Zollars’s meticulous planning extended to both the exterior (with its white brick and striking black accents) and the interior, exuding serene neutral tones. Her collaboration with local craftsmen and contractors yielded a seamless fusion of tradition and modernity. Quarter-sawn white oak floors, vintage Turkish rugs, and contemporary Italian lighting coalesced to create an ambiance that is not just comfortable but irresistibly inviting.

By removing a wall to unite the dining room with the outdoors, the family room now bathes in natural light, complemented by the stunning presence of our Sistema Solare Chandelier that steals the spotlight above the dining table. Crafted from exquisite ivory-colored translucent onyx sourced from Middle Eastern quarries, it boasts captivating veining and is expertly crafted in Italy. The brass components complement the stone perfectly, while the Orbitale structure allows for unique configurations. With its rotating stem structure and shallow drum-shaped shades, this chandelier stands out. Its versatile design, accommodating various room sizes, sets it apart in the market.

Beth Zollars’s project not only showcases her creativity but also highlights the resilience and innovation that can emerge even in the face of adversity.