The NYT Highlights Our Vintage Ceiling Light in a Glamorous Hollywood Home

We were thrilled to see a Adalberto Dal Lago Galea lamp from our vintage collection showcased in a New York Times article highlighting a Hollywood Home Transformation by Frances Merrill.

In the world of interior design, Frances Merrill stands out as a visionary who weaves stories and personal experiences into her creations. As the founder of Reath Design Studio, her work extends to private homes, hotels, restaurants, and leisure spaces, all with the aim of enhancing our daily lives through thoughtful design.

One remarkable project that exemplifies her expertise is the transformation of a 1930s West Hollywood home, undertaken at the behest of actor Anastasia Graff. The house, with a rich history tied to the legendary composer Igor Stravinsky, provided a unique canvas for Merrill’s creative vision, bridging the realms of gravitas and whimsy.

Graff’s inspiration for the project drew from classic American diners, the glamorous world captured by Slim Aarons, and design sensibilities reminiscent of Dorothy Draper and David Hicks. The result? A captivating blend of old Hollywood charm and contemporary elegance.

In the entryway, a delightful surprise awaits as a vintage ceiling light from Silvio Piattelli’s collection infuses the ambiance with nostalgia, adding a touch of glamour and charm. The fixture is the iconic 1960s design by Adalberto Dal Lago for Vistosi, the Murano Galea Ceiling Flush Lamp, which Silvio discovered at a Milan condominium sale a few years ago. To fund a tenant dinner, the residents collectively opted to sell the old ornaments they had in their homes.

Frances Merrill’s ability to infuse history, whimsy, and personal narratives into her projects is truly remarkable. Her work in this 1930s West Hollywood home not only pays tribute to the property’s illustrious past but also exemplifies her unique approach to interior design – a fusion of art, history, and daily life, where every element tells a story.