Introducing the Stunning Sistema Solare Calacatta Gold Marble Chandelier

Silvio Piattelli Design proudly presents the Sistema Solare Calacatta Gold Marble and Brass Chandelier. This exquisite lighting fixture features shades crafted from thinly-cut Calacatta gold marble, a rare and elegant stone sourced from the scenic Tuscan Alps. The journey to find and use this prestigious Italian marble in the collection was challenging, but the final result is a captivating spectacle that blends beauty with practicality.

Precision in Marble

The challenge was skillfully cutting the Calacatta gold marble to allow light to pass through and create a radiant glow. Extensive research and development led to the brilliant version of the Sistema Solare chandeliers, radiating unmatched brilliance whether illuminated or not.

Versatile for Any Space

The Sistema Solare Calacatta Chandelier is a versatile centerpiece suitable for any room. Its clever Orbitale structure features a rotating stem, offering playful configurations and making each chandelier unique. The arms’ rotating capabilities provide options for symmetrical and asymmetrical designs, offering endless possibilities for personalized styles.

Enchanting Illumination

The marble disc’s magic lies in its ability to provide direct diffuse task light, with the upper-end opening adding a warm ambient glow. Silvio Piattelli meticulously selected each shade, ensuring the “macchia stretta” technique, where gray and gold veining appears on every shade. When illuminated, the chandelier exudes sophistication that beautifully complements any home.

Unmatched Quality and Innovation

The Sistema Solare Calacatta Chandelier maintains impeccable lighting quality. High-quality LEDs with over 80 CRI (Color Rendering Index) ensure the lighting does not alter the color of objects or people. Operating on a 24V direct current feed, the LEDs guarantee a flicker-free experience. The CE/UL listed driver offers dimming capabilities, providing control over the desired ambiance. The Sistema Solare Calacatta Chandelier reflects Silvio Piattelli’s visionary talent and innovative design. The clever rotating stem structure, shallow drum-shaped shades, and customizable arms showcase his distinctive style. This chandelier gracefully fits into any space, accommodating regular and low-ceilinged rooms with a nearly flush mount starting at just 20 inches (50 cm) from the ceiling.