Unveiling the Costellazione: An Asymmetrical Brass Chandelier with Calacatta Marble Elegance

We are thrilled to unveil the newest addition to our Sistema collection, the Costellazione chandelier. Designed by Silvio Piattelli, Costellazione is a testament to Italian craftsmanship and innovative design.

Following the tradition established by the Sistema Solare collection, Costellazione features a solid brass frame, with its arms cradling the thin-cut Calacatta marble diffusers, a material renowned for its beauty and elegance. The captivatingly asymmetrical arms, each a different length, truly set this chandelier apart.
The magic of Costellazione lies in the way light interacts with the Calacatta Gold marble, a rare and exquisite stone sourced from the Tuscan Alps. The warm veining and pure white background allow light to filter through beautifully, bathing your space in a soft and inviting ambiance. This exquisite marble, often used in high-end design, creates a luxurious feel perfect for any discerning homeowner.

Innovation is at the heart of Costellazione’s design. Unlike traditional chandeliers, Costellazione is ideal for low-ceiling spaces. With a minimum drop of just 6 ¾ inches (17 cm) centimeters, it creates an impact without compromising the visibility of your artwork or the view outside your window.
Each shade features two openings, providing focused lighting and ambient illumination. Furthermore, a Triac dimmable driver allows you to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion, from a bright and energetic dinner party to a more intimate and relaxed gathering.

Silvio Piattelli’s decades of experience and passion for using the finest materials shine through in every detail of Costellazione. This design is a true statement piece that will elevate the lighting of any home.