Matthew Kowles Designs with Our Sistema Solare

The dining room is a space that embodies the soul of a home. In this stunning example, interior designer Matthew Kowles has crafted a space of refined tranquility. Kowles’ keen eye for detail is evident throughout the room. The bespoke Alfonso Marina cupboard, with its warm, inviting tones, offers a touch of classic elegance. The window curtains by Carleton V Ltd. frame the space with a touch of understated luxury, while the paint by Shelly Denning provides a perfect backdrop for the curated collection of furnishings.

The centerpiece of the room is our Sistema Solare chandelier. The light filtering through the handcrafted translucent ivory-colored onyx casts a warm glow, bathing the room in an inviting ambiance. The chandelier’s versatility, achieved through its ingenious rotating structure, allows it to seamlessly integrate into the space, creating a focal point that is both captivating and functional. The table beneath the Sistema Solare, a beautiful round piece by McGuire Furniture, reflects the refined elegance of the chandelier. Together, they create a dining area that is both intimate and inviting, perfect for cherished meals and conversations.

By carefully considering each element, Kowles has crafted a space that is both beautiful and inviting, a place where one can truly unwind and connect with loved ones.