Proud to see Our Palmette Chandelier Featured in AD Magazine

The May issue of AD Italia unveils a stunning New York Upper East Side apartment by Fawn Galli, the interior design maestro known for her masterful use of color and blending of classic with contemporary styles. The result? A whimsical and inviting space reflecting the owner’s personality and fashion sense.

Fawn bridges the gap between traditional and modern design by seamlessly blending classic elements like moldings and chevron floors with contemporary art and furnishings. The living room perfectly exemplifies this fusion. A classic Hickory sofa upholstered in luxurious Dedar fabric rests in front of a pair of unique, vintage brass Freeform coffee tables. A key element of this space is our Palmette chandelier. Originally designed for low-ceilinged luxury cruise vessels, this unique take on the classic palmette style features eighteen hot-sculpted glass leaves (also available in a 12-leaf version). Each leaf, resembling a delicate palm frond, plays with a contrast between clear and hand-applied stripes of Lattimo, a milky-white translucent glass, showcasing the exceptional skills of the glassmakers.

The well-designed Palmette chandelier features attachment points that allow the leaves to gracefully extend from the 24k gold-plated-finished hardware, creating a visually striking and well-balanced piece. Equipped with six sockets, it provides ample light for both bedrooms and living spaces.
This statement piece, with its unique design and exquisite craftsmanship, embodies Fawn Galli’s signature blend of tradition and modernity, adding a touch of timeless Venetian charm to the playful New York apartment.