Ottolenghi Bicester Village Showcases Our Orbitale Brass Chandeliers

Ottolenghi has arrived at Bicester Village, bringing its vibrant and flavorful cuisine to one of Europe’s most desired shopping destinations. Since its humble beginnings in 2002, Ottolenghi has become synonymous with colorful, exciting dishes celebrating Middle Eastern and Mediterranean traditions. Their commitment to fresh, seasonal ingredients and unexpected flavor combinations has won them legions of fans, and their Bicester Village location promises to be no exception.

Designed by longtime collaborator Alex Meitlis, the space stays true to the Ottolenghi aesthetic – a familiar mix of cool whites, bright pops of color, and playful textures. Meitlis, a leading architect and interior designer, is known for his “Total Design” approach, where every detail, from architecture to graphic design, contributes to a cohesive and stunning environment.

Adding a touch of Italian elegance to the space is a series of our Orbitale Brass Chandeliers. These fixtures feature three rotating arms that gracefully orbit a central sphere, their sleek brass forms echoing the mid-century modern Italian design tradition. The white shades can be adjusted to direct light in different ways, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.
This is the fourth Ottolenghi location to feature our chandeliers. Meitlis’ thoughtful design creates the perfect backdrop for Ottolenghi’s vibrant cuisine, and we are proud to contribute to his vision.