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Orbitale Grand Planetario Brass Chandelier 8 Arms, Stilnovo Style, Brass Shades

Orbitale Grand Planetario Brass Chandelier 8 Arms, Stilnovo Style, Brass Shades

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This unique chandelier is inspired by the solar system, with each arm representing a planet, and the central sphere symbolizing the sun. It has a diameter of 60 in. (152 cm).
The chandelier is versatile enough to accommodate low ceilings, as its overall height can be easily customized. 
The shades are connected to the arms with pivot joints so that the light can be oriented in different ways.
Although it provides mostly ambient light reflected towards the ceiling with the shades acting as reflectors, each shade has a hole in it which shines some direct light downwards, highlighting the tips of reflecting objects such as silverware and crystalware and giving them depth.
In order to create a uniform, warm light output, the brass shades, even the lacquered ones, are left in natural brass. This provides a warm ambient light.
The arms and the body are made in natural solid brass and hand finished. The standard shade colors are ivory, black and natural brass. Natural patina brass comes as standard.
The central sphere, made of heavy cast brass, measures approximately 6 in. (14 cm).
The outline of the shades has been designed to echo the iconic 1950s pieces made by mid-century modern Italian studios Arteluce and Stilnovo, but with a unique and distinctive design that will add elegance and sophistication to any home.
The arms have a diameter of 12 mm, with thick walls to make them perfectly rigid. The stems are made with a system that can rotate 180 degrees on each arm, making any position possible. The chandelier can be rotated when it is already lit.
The lightbulb recommended is an A15 with an E26 (US) or E27 (EU) base. The shade was designed so that if an A15 bulb is used (one of the most common on the market), it will be centered with the hole. 
This chandelier is currently only made to order. Please contact us for any special size requirements.
This fixture must only be installed by someone who is familiar with how the product is constructed and operated.

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