Unique Set of 10 Murano Tumblers, Cenedese Murano 1960, Young Collection, Signed


Unique Set of 10 Murano Tumblers, Cenedese Murano 1960, Young Collection, Signed


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This set of 10 Cenedese cocktail/whisky glasses, meticulously crafted in the renowned Murano glass-making tradition, is a rare work of art.
These glasses showcase a remarkable array of glass-making techniques. From the ethereal Aquamarine Sfumato to the intricately detailed multicolored relief stripes, a vibrant Cadmium red base incalmo and an Uranium yellow dot placed sideways, each piece is an absolute masterpiece.
The Young collection by Cenedese hails from the 1960s. The use of Uranium and Cadmium glass confirms the decade.
Whether you’re seeking a unique gift or treating yourself, this set is a true collector’s gem, both exceptionally rare and exquisitely beautiful. Take a closer look through the accompanying images.
Due to the intricate use of multiple colors and a myriad of glass-making techniques, reproducing these glasses in the present day is an impossibility.
Signed Cenedese and some carries the original label. Pristine never used.
Key Features:
Murano Glass: Crafted with precision in the renowned Murano glass-making tradition, ensuring exceptional quality.
Complete Set: Includes a set of 10 glasses, perfect for gatherings or expanding your glassware collection.
Unique Artistry: Each glass showcases the enchanting faded Acquamarine green color and incorporates a variety of glass-making techniques, including Sfumato, multicolored relief stripes, Cadmium red base incalmo, and delicate Uranium dot.
Vintage Charm: Part of the Young collection by Cenedese from the 1960s, these glasses exude vintage elegance and historical significance.

Artistic work: These glasses are not just functional; they are artistic marvels that spark conversations and admiration.
Collector’s Delight: Ideal for glass aficionados and collectors, these glasses are rare and unique additions to your collection, showcasing the beauty of Murano craftsmanship.
Elegant Vintage Touch: Originating from the 1960s, these glasses blend modern and vintage aesthetics, adding an elegant touch to your glassware collection.
Versatile Enjoyment: Whether you’re hosting a gathering or savoring a quiet moment, these glasses are versatile and suitable for any occasion.
Unmatched Authenticity: Due to their intricate use of colors and techniques, reproducing these glasses today is nearly impossible, making them exclusive and authentic pieces of artistry.

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Dimensions 9.5 × 9.5 × 10 cm

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