Sciolari Gold Brass Led Crystal Mid-Century Chandelier 12 Lights Stilkronen, 70s


Sciolari Gold Brass Led Crystal Mid-Century Chandelier 12 Lights Stilkronen, 70s


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Twelve lights chandelier from Gaetano Sciolari, production made for Stilkronen, Italy, 1970s.
Eight lights down and four lights up. Brass gold-plated. Transparent elements in Led Crystal.
Bulbs are sorrounded by 24 led crystal vertical elements to diffuse the light with the refraction principle.

This is an interesting version of the Sciolari’s production. Usually he is known for bare un-shaded lights and great, sculptural, metalwork. Most of the time it’s missing a play with light. Here Gaetano has used classic crystal chandelier in a contemporary revised and updated design. A step in the past: chandeliers were made to have many upward lights (in origin candles) to provide greater light output for larger rooms. The addition of elements of glass or crystal all around was not made to shade the light, but to refract it, creating the impression of multiplying the light candles or bulbs used. This lighting play was used with all the leaves and frills of Murano chandeliers and French crystal chandeliers. Use of refraction has the lowest loss of lumens. While shading usually looses from 30 to 60% of the light output.
In this chandelier the metal part got stylized with vertical cylinders to hold the bulbs up and down and horizontal arms to hold the refracting elements.
He got to same conclusion of using divergent lens for better play with light, so the element, that looks like a Henry Moore sculpture, is designed to get concave parts to spread the light. Same thing happens with the triedri in glass.
Result is a great play with light with the fencing elements that are getting it’s own light. Use of Led Crystal makes a bit of prism effect. Probably the maker for Led crystal at 4% was Alfredo Rossi.

Chandelier is in good condition, metal shows signs of the use and some point/speckling which is typical of old gold plated fixtures. I tested with a magnet and all the round cylinders are in brass while the stem and the curved arms are in iron. Some of the elements at the moment of shooting the pictures are not straight. They might have to be straightened in situ.

Double circuit. Can be lit up only or down only or both. Listed overall height, height of body is 40 cm 16 in.
Net weight 10 kilos 22 pounds.

Complimentary re-wiring to meet the country standards upon request.
The chandelier stem can be shortened up to a drop of 50 cm 40″ minimal.

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To the US and Canada
Within the EU
To the UK
Dimensions 62 × 62 × 85 cm



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