Ottavio Missoni, Chandelier with Incalmo and Calcedonia Murano Glass, 1980s


Ottavio Missoni, Chandelier with Incalmo and Calcedonia Murano Glass, 1980s


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This intriguing and lovely chandelier that represents the quintessential of the 1980s.
That was the roaring decade of fashion houses, in particular Italians, and the Expansion beyond fashion. Armani, Fendi Casa, Cavalli home.
Ottavio Missoni made this beautiful collection with his iconic color palette.
In the same time, after one century of incandescent bulbs, a revolutionary new bulb changed completely the lighting world: halogens. Lights coming with one point, so bright that the light was pointed up to the ceiling to beam in reflection, either with floor torcheres, sconces, or redesigned chandeliers. Everything became bright, shops, homes and shows.

This Missoni chandelier has a long linerar halogen. It is still carrying the original halogen 118mm at 200W. Bulb is held by an alluminum lined metal ring. Below there is a white lattimo hemisphere for downlight. This white glass and the disc are hold by a pierced black enameled metal and the small space inbetween the glass elements allows air circulation and protects the glass from overheating.
The masterpiece is the 64cm (almost 26 inches diameter) incalmo disc. Made by Paolo Crepax, unsurpassed incalmo master. There is a clear band surrounding an inner part with a marbelised calcedonia glass finish. This was made over a lattimo glass so that the upper side is milky white, to make the colors below look more vivid and to reflect white light. This is not the calcedonia that was re-discovered a few years later by Loredano and Dino Rosin. This is made by a real painting of fili buttati e strissiati (dripping and stripping) which requires a talented and prompt artist. A little less mixing and it becomes ordinary, too much and you end with the purple-brownish color that everyone has experimented when mixing colors in childhood. After making the pattern, the colored bowl receives the clear incalmo and afterwards it’s opened by spinning the whole piece. If the glass is not uniform in temperature and the incalmo not properly attached, you get a waving bowl, not a perfect disc.

A perfect combination of the decade where the light belongs to. A turning point design to make your home unique.

The 1980s ended with new halogens bulbs, smaller, the G9 but mostly 12V halogens which ruled the new decade with multipoint lights. In every decade there was a dramatic change, the following with the ugly fluorescents and today with LED.
Now R7 118mm replacements are available at 14W (giving the similar light output of a 120W halogen) so that these fixtures can be used again.

The height listed is as on picture, however the sliding part allows to get other 30 cm / 12″ in drop.


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Dimensions 64 × 64 × 87 cm

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