CINETICO Illuminated Sculpture Murano Glass Brass Mobile Chandelier, Ivory


CINETICO Illuminated Sculpture Murano Glass Brass Mobile Chandelier, Ivory


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This exquisite Murano glass chandelier boasts delicate glass elements that shimmer and radiate a cozy, welcoming ambiance, making it the perfect centerpiece for any living space. Many friends and customers have fallen in love with it, appreciating its stunning design without needing to understand the technical details behind it.
Originally designed in the late 1990s, it draws inspiration from the great designs and artists of the past, and uses the same principles as the Tizio lamp from Artemide. The flat hook minimizes lateral shift, while the slot keeps the swing (roll) and vertical shift (pitch) under control. The pivot hook details can be seen in the accompanying pictures. The alternating larger and heavier glass shades create a display in which the movement of the arms causes the shades to move away from each other, allowing for a nice swing movement without becoming too wide. The reduced wattage requirement of G4 LED bulbs allows for the use of a quiet transformer, while still producing ample light.
This variant of the chandelier features ivory glass, making it an ideal choice for homes that require a subtler color impact. Two additional versions of the chandelier are also available, as depicted in the photos. One version features a red shade in the lower left area, providing an asymmetrical focal point in the style of Alexander Calder. The other version is all ivory, lending a distinctively elegant touch to the chandelier’s design. Customization is also available, using a selected color palette from Effetre: Ivory, oxblood red, deep orange, yellow, cobalt blue, and light pastel blue.
The chandelier will be pre-assembled and shipped, eliminating the need for fine-tuning the balancing of each arm.
In terms of technical data, this chandelier is fed by a 12V direct current driver and works with both 110V and 220V. The top brand starter transformer is made in Germany with a circuit breaker. The entire structure of the chandelier is made of a double solid brass frame with hooks and pivot centers to ensure permanent contact, even when the chandelier is rocking. The end of each arch has a double hand-made Murano Effetre glass shade connected at two points and held by a rubber holder. Each shade carries two or three pre-assembled LED bulbs – the smaller shades have one G4 bulb and one MR11 down-light bulb, while the larger shades have two G4 bulbs and one MR11 down-light bulb. The sum of the six down-light MR11 bulbs gives the chandelier excellent surface light, making it ideal over a dining table. The other nine G4 omni light bulbs illuminate the glass shades and provide great ambient light. The lumen output is around 2700, of which half is beamed down, resulting in a good lux factor. The color rendering index (CRI) is above 80, and the Kelvin temperature is 2700-3000. The bulbs are top brands (Sylvania, Philips, Osram) with a dependable >30000 hours life, which considering normal use means one generation – especially considering that each bulb is not trapped into a shade and has a continuous current feed.

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Dimensions 60 × 135 × 115 cm



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