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Orbitale Grand Planetario Brass Chandelier 8 Arms, Stilnovo Style, Brass Shades

Orbitale Grand Planetario Brass Chandelier 8 Arms, Stilnovo Style, Brass Shades

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Large sculptural full solid brass Chandelier with 8 arms.


I gave the Planetario name for the 8 planets and the sun representation. it's just one of the best chandelier I've designed.
The chandelier is made in full brass, including the shades. Has diameter of 152 cm 60 inches.
The overall height can be customized as this chandelier will work fine on low ceilings.
The central sphere is a cast heavy brass measuring 14 cm almost 6 inches.
Shades are in thick brass and beautifully finished by hand to meet the texture of drum cymbals. Otherwise lacquered with powder paint with eggshell semi matte finish in either ivory or black. Consider an all brass version for a luxury home.
Shades are connected to the arm with a pivot joint to give different possibilities of light.
Arms are 12 mm diameter with 1.5 mm wall connected with female thread to insure the right rigidity.
Although it provides mostly ambiance light reflected to the ceiling by the shade that acts as a reflector, there is a hole to give some direct light. Therefore, it works on a dining table or a counter. Best use is the living room or a large hall to give a touch of design.
Colors of shades standard are ivory, black and natural brass.
In order to uniform a warm light output brass shades, even the lacquered ones, are left in natural brass inside. This way it provides a warm ambiance light.
Arms and body: Made in natural solid brass and hand finished.
Important: A person familiar with the construction and operation of the product must install this fixture.
This chandelier is current production made to order. Upon request the chandelier can be wired to have double circuit.
The outline of the shades was designed to summarize and recreate the 1950s chandelier from Arteluce and Stilnovo but it does not belong to either and it is an original design. The item is listed "in the style of" in order to facilitate the buyers research.
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