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Six Arms Brass Chandelier, Ivory Sage Pivot Shades, Stilnovo Style, Twelve Bulbs

Six Arms Brass Chandelier, Ivory Sage Pivot Shades, Stilnovo Style, Twelve Bulbs

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This six-arm spider chandelier features a combination of ivory and sage colors, with a natural patina brass finish. The pivoting heads allow for easy light distribution throughout the room, with the upper shades contributing to ambiance lighting and the lower shades providing direct lighting. It measures 54 in. (135 cm) in diameter and has 12 bulbs, providing ample light output for your dining or living room.
The chandelier is a Silvio Piattelli design inspired by the iconic 1950s light fixtures made by mid-century modern Italian studios Arteluce and Stilnovo, but with a unique and distinctive design that will add elegance and sophistication to any home.
Crafted by a workshop specialized in mid-century modern, every detail of this fixture is meticulously considered. The finish and appearance match the hard-to-find lamps from the 1950s it was inspired by. Its arms and body are made of natural solid brass and hand-waxed patina, as seen in the photos.
The last pictures show how the heads can be adjusted. This is our favorite feature on this chandelier, and our buyers agree that it is a standout feature in any home. This version is often used in pairs to better illuminate a rectangular room.
We also offer a special customization feature upon request: double circuit wiring to light the cones and downlights separately, with the option of one or both circuits being dimmable for maximum flexibility.
Each shade is made of two separate parts and is 11 in. (27.5 cm) tall, with two bulbs and either a candelabra socket on the smaller upper cone or a regular socket or candelabra on the larger lower dome-shaped shade. The larger shade is 8 in. (15 cm) in diameter. The shades have adjustable pivot heads so that the output can be directed to the desired area, with the opposite shade providing ambient lighting. They are made of spun aluminum with the typical line of small holes, and are enameled in colors from the 1950s palette, such as ivory and black. Other colors are available upon request, with a lacquered gold finish inside.
The diameter indicated is variable, due to the pivoting heads. With the heads slightly open, it measures 55 in. (140 cm) in diameter; with the heads vertical, it is 51 in. (130 cm.)
The chandelier is made to order and can be wired to have a double circuit upon request. Please note that a professional familiar with the structure and operation of the product should install this fixture.

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