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Sistema Solare Chandelier, Piattelli Design, Calacatta Gold Marble and Brass, 8 shades

Sistema Solare Chandelier, Piattelli Design, Calacatta Gold Marble and Brass, 8 shades

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The sistema collection now has a new unique version, Calacatta gold marble. An elegant rare marble extracted from the Tuscan Alps. This prestigious Italian marble stands out among others with its veining, transitioning from a warm gray to a golden hue, from which it derives its name. The special of this marble is the pure white background, which keeps the light output spectrum.

We take pride in presenting this version of the Sistema Solare chandeliers.  There is not yet a calacatta marble chandelier in the market. While there are so many interiors with calacatta table tops or counters. It's beautiful when unlit showing the marble texture and when illuminated highlighting the veins design. 

Designed to be hung over a table and covering the whole table surface, the chandelier's versatile configurations make it an ideal fit for any room.

The Orbitale/Sistema construction allows for a short drop, for low-ceiling spaces with a nearly flush mount starting at just 16 inches (45 cm) from the ceiling.

The shade has two openings, the lower marble disc provides direct diffuse task light, while the upper-end opening adds ambient illumination.

Calacatta IS the high-end furniture marble. Calacatta Gold carefully has been selected with "macchia stretta", an Italian term signifying "tight spot," so that each shade carries the veining design.

When illuminated with this chandelier, your home will have a new focal point, with the combination of meticulously crafted thin marble and natural brass working in perfect harmony. Thanks to the ingenious Orbitale structure, the chandelier's geometry can be playfully configured in various ways, simmetrical or asymmetrical making it truly one of a kind. There is nothing in the market like this.

The 8-shade version is designed to go over a rectangular table, so you can align the shades in two rows of 4, spreading the light uniformly and not leaving darker end of the table areas.

The led used are over 80 CRI, the light would not alter the color of food or people. 

The CE/UL listed driver also ensures dimming capabilities. 

In living rooms, the shades can also be rotated on the arm axis to meet specific lighting needs, accentuating artwork, bookshelves, and more. This listing shows the standard drop of 50 cm. Change of drop specification is complimentary.

Copyright and design of Silvio Piattelli.

Technical Specifications:
- LED Source: Utilizing the new, reliable 2835 chip, our LEDs are UL-CE listed, with a high lumen/watt rate of 170 and a color rendering index (CRI) above 80, emitting 3000 Kelvins.
- Each shade offers an impressive light output of 13.75W/2312.50 lumens.
- Sistema/Sistema Solare 8 lights: 110W and 18,500 lumens.
- Sistema/Sistema Solare 6 lights: 82.5W and 13,875 lumens.
- Sistema/Sistema Solare 4 lights: 55W and 9,250 lumens.

The geometry of the shade and the translucent stone slightly affect the lumen output. For Sistema, it is approximately -25%, for Sistema Solare (onyx) -45%, and for Sistema Solare Calacatta -40%.

The Calacatta disc reduces the color temperature around 2700K (comparing to warmer onyx that brings down to 2400K).
The driver options are for either US 120 VAC and EEC 220 VAC standards. The 120 W TRIAC dimmable UL-listed driver guarantees flicker-free performance, California compliance at 400 Hertz . The EEC 220 VAC standard driver is a 150 W TRIAC dimmable TUV SELV CE listed, flicker-free.

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