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Sistema Chandelier, Piattelli Design, Gunmetal Finish and Glass, 4-shade

Sistema Chandelier, Piattelli Design, Gunmetal Finish and Glass, 4-shade

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Sistema Chandelier in Gunmetal Finish and opaline glass. This dark shiny plated finish has now got back in fashion, probably because of its uniqueness and the nice play with light in reflection.

This 4-shade version is ideal to be hung over a round table or an island. Arms are rotating so it has a versatile configuration. 

The Sistema collection uses a clever rotating stem structure and features a shallow drum-shaped shade at the end of each arm.

They work well in any space and suit both regular and low-ceilinged rooms wonderfully. This wonderful contemporary finish is available also on the other Sistema Chandeliers, please see the drawing (last photo) to get an idea of sizes.

On the upper side of each disc there is a smaller opening to provide ambient light. Top-quality LEDs with over 80 CRI, meaning that the lighting does not alter the color of food and people. The LEDs are on a 24V direct current feed, so there is no flickering. The arms can be rotated 180 degrees to configure various combinations. The shades can also be rotated on the arm axis to meet any lighting needs in a living room (paintings, bookshelves etc.). This listing shows the smallest drop. A change of drop is complimentary. Silvio Piattelli copyright and design.

Specifications (Note: The Sistema chandelier has glass shades, while Sistema Solare has onyx shades). LED source: LED strip based on the new, reliable 2835 chip. UL-CE listed. The lumen/watt rate is 170. The CRI is above 80 and 3000 Kelvins. Each shade has a light output of 13.75 W/ 2312.50 lumens. Sistema/Sistema Solare 8 lights: 110 W and 18,500 lumens. Sistema/Sistema Solare 6 lights: 82.5 W and 13,875 lumens. Sistema/Sistema Solare 4 lights: 55 W and 9,250 lumens Note: The geometry of the shades means that the lumen output is approximately -25% for Sistema and -45% for Sistema Solare (onyx). Sistema Solare has an effective color temperature of around 2400 Kelvins due to the onyx. Driver: US 120 VAC standard driver: 120 W TRIAC dimmable UL listed. Flicker Free PWM, California compliant, 400 Hertz EEC 220 VAC standard driver is 150 W TRIAC dimmable TUV SELV CE listed. Flicker Free.

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