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Seguso for Bisazza Pair Mustard Murano Pulegoso Vase Gold Rim, 1993 Signed

Seguso for Bisazza Pair Mustard Murano Pulegoso Vase Gold Rim, 1993 Signed

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Set of two splendid Pulegoso vase. One round and the other tall. The round is lighter and the tall darker tone of mustard.
Perfectly executed Pulegoso finish. This is Murano Crucible Pulegoso. The mouth has a rim with external gold leaf difficult to notice because it does not contrast with the background. Just magnificent and rare set.


At first I believed, because of the round shape, that Bisazza was dovetailing Carlo Scarpa original round shape from the 1930s. When I was able to see the pieces and see the year, then all came clear. In the second part of the 1980s there was a re-discover in Interior design of the Native American arts. In particular, the Navaho products. As Carlo Scarpa took his inspiration from Japanese shapes, here Bisazza translated in glass the Navaho pottery art. Here the reason for a hearty color, these orange toned Puligoso is part of the Seguso tradition. Colors that are not in high fashion.


This collection belongs to the Livio Seguso production made under Bisazza ownership for a small period of the early 1990s. Livio continued his artist career with the freedom and the free state of mind that came from not owning a company. Similar path of Luciano Vistosi.
Bisazza, the famous luxury mosaic company, continued Seguso models for the first part of the 1990s. Then closed the furnace and continued to focus with his mosaic collection. His masters, Elio Raffaelli and Roberto Camozzo, continued the massiccio production independently.


Carries the spiral Bisazza logo.
Measure listed are the tall ones:
Sphere height 23.5 cm (9 1/4 inches), diameter 24 (9 1/2 approximate inches)
Tall height 29.5 cm (11 1/2 inches), diameter 25 (10 inches approximate).

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