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Quadriennale 4 arms brass chandelier, twin shades, Contrappeso, 4 hues of blue

Quadriennale 4 arms brass chandelier, twin shades, Contrappeso, 4 hues of blue

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The chandelier takes inspiration from the renowned light fixtures created by Italian mid-century modern studios Arteluce and Stilnovo in the 1950s, particularly Angelo Lelii's Triennale lamp. However, it introduces a unique and exclusive design aspect through the implementation of four different hues of blue on each shade. These color variations create a delicate contrast between each arm, imparting a modern flair to the overall aesthetic.

This chandelier features four counterbalanced arms that can be moved up and down and also slightly lateral movement. With its pivoting shades, this chandelier effortlessly distributes light throughout the room. The upper shades contribute to ambient lighting, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the lower shades provide task and direct lighting. Each arm has a counterweight in the same color of the opposite shade.

There are infinitive positions for this chandelier and the crossing design of the arms are creating a distinctive appeal.
The shades themselves are meticulously crafted from spun aluminum and the distinctive line of small holes preserves the authentic mid-century aesthetic. Each shade consists of two separate cones, with a candelabra socket on the smaller cone and a regular socket on the larger lower dome-shaped shade.

The chandelier's arms and body are in solid brass lightly polished yet intentionally left unprotected to allow the natural patina to develop over time.

Crafted by our specialized workshop dedicated to mid-century modern design, every aspect of this fixture is meticulously considered. The finish and appearance are carefully matched to the rare lamps of the 1950s that served as inspiration.

The term "Quadriennale '' is a play on words. It originated from Angelo Lelii's "Triennale chandelier," which was named as such because it was initially showcased at the "Triennale" exhibition and featured three arms. Lelii's chandelier was notable for being the first to incorporate counterbalanced arms. As a playful twist, we dubbed our design with four arms the "Quadriennale."

This chandelier is made to order and the estimated production time is between 2 to 3 weeks.

Dimensions: Height OAH: 33.47 in (85 cm)
Since the arms are movable, the height varies accordingly. The overall drop is considered with the arms in a horizontal position. 
Diameter: 55.12 in (140 cm) with the arms in a horizontal position.

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