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Prismatico Amber Glass Chandelier, a breakthrough Poliedri design by Silvio Piattelli

Prismatico Amber Glass Chandelier, a breakthrough Poliedri design by Silvio Piattelli

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The Prismatico Glass Chandelier showcases a breakthrough concept that sets it apart from others in the Poliedri Chandelier genre. With 169 mouth-blown pencil-shaped prismatic glass elements, it creates a mesmerizing visual display, filling the entire space and forming an enchanting fence of glass pieces. This unique arrangement ingeniously conceals the hardware structure, resulting in a captivating floating cluster of lights.

The prisms' faces are designed and skillfully crafted to be concave, creating a double magnifying lens effect. This ingenious feature not only diffuses the light but also effectively hides any hardware or bulb’s hot spots. As a result, the glass surface remains flawlessly smooth and elegant, eliminating the need for a roughened or ribbed surface appearance commonly found in similar chandeliers. The overall effect is one of ethereal lightness and crispness.

Other versions in the Prismatico collection

    Designed by Silvio Piattelli in 2021, the Prismatico chandelier represents the perfect modern iteration of a classic design. Piattelli collaborated with a team of experts, including a skilled mold maker, a Murano glass maestro, and a hardware workshop, to ensure every detail was impeccably executed. The hardware itself is adorned with warm brass plating, while each glass element is securely fastened using solid brass fittings, showcasing a seamless integration of form and function.

    Designed with versatility in mind, the chandelier is hardwired with a stem that allows for a flush mount installation. Additionally, for those with high ceilings, a chain version is also available, providing flexibility in its placement.

    This showcased version features light amber crucible glass crafted by a glassmaker from Murano. However, we invite you to explore the multitude of glass color options available to find the perfect rendition for your taste and space. Feel free to experiment with mixing colors, incorporating transparent elements for enhanced brightness, or adding taupe accents for a truly dramatic effect. For a subtle and nuanced ambiance, consider a combination of rose amethyst elements.

    With a maximum capacity of 12 bulbs, each capable of emitting up to 60W, this chandelier delivers an impressive light output of 8000 lumens. Whether you desire ample illumination or a more subdued atmosphere, this versatile fixture caters to your specific lighting needs.

    The Prismatico chandelier offers a range of sizes to suit your specific space requirements. 

    Height: 19.69 inches (50 cm)
    Diameter: 35.44 inches (90 cm)

    Note: The Poliedri Chandelier, a revered masterpiece in the realm of lighting design, is often mistakenly credited to Carlo Scarpa. While Scarpa, an influential Italian architect, and designer, had a remarkable talent for fusing traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics, the Poliedri Chandelier was actually designed by Paolo Venini in 1958. This occurred after their collaboration had ended over a decade prior.
    The Venini Poliedri chandelier has sparked creativity in designers and architects, leading to remarkable installations. Companies like Kalmar and Seguso have also crafted their own designs inspired by its iconic beauty.

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