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Orbitale Brass Chandelier 3 Rotating Balanced Arms, Ivory Black Twin Shades

Orbitale Brass Chandelier 3 Rotating Balanced Arms, Ivory Black Twin Shades

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Orbitale 3 arms frame using the twin shade. Thanks to a customer who had the articulated sconces and wanted this version with black and ivory shades. It's a beautiful combination of colors on the shades with the light noisette patina on the brass.
I designed this for being placed above a kitchen island where it's at the best of use, having task light and movable arms and shades.
It would be great also over a counter, a dining table and a living room.
Arms are balanced with a heavy cast brass sphere and are rotating on the stem in an orbital movement.
In order to get perfect balancing the sphere is filled with sand to reach the point of no leverage.
Shades are in hand spun aluminum, lacquered with ivory powder paint with eggshell semi matte finish. Black is matte as that is the best with brass.
Shades are connected to the arm with a pivot joint to give different possibilities of light orientation.
Each shade carries two bulbs. The larger carries and E27/E26 A15 bulb for good direct or task light. The smaller cone a candelabra E14/E12 for ambiance light.
Stem is made with a rotating system was made to have 180 degrees on each arm (any position is reachable see video) for safety reason. This way the chandelier can be rotated lit.
For colors of shades please refer to other chandeliers in the collection.
Standard brass finish is this wonderful noisette hazelnut patina. Made with the restaurer technique of liver sulfur, uniformed with a polishing pad. In alternative it can be made with regular polished brass.
Arms and body: Made in natural solid brass and hand finished.
Important: A person familiar with the construction and operation of the product must install this fixture.
This chandelier is current production made to order. Please write me for any special size requirement.
The outline of the shades was designed to summarize and recreate the 1950s chandelier from Arteluce and Stilnovo but it does not belong to either and it is an original design. The item is listed "in the style of" in order to facilitate the buyers research.

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