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Murano Vase Masterpiece, Doppio Ritorto Amazing Technique, Signed

Murano Vase Masterpiece, Doppio Ritorto Amazing Technique, Signed

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This vase is a true work of art. It features a bold color palette and creates a beautiful interplay with the light. During its creation, the glass is heated again before blowing to achieve the desired softness, and then the straight design is twisted into a spiral using the “Ritorto” technique, also known as “mena” in the Murano dialect. The word "menare" means to "lead," and in this case, the spiral is interrupted twice to lead the canes back into a straight position. The result is a 1960s-inspired design that creates a patchwork of colors when viewed through the point of intersection. 
This vase is made using the roll-up technique, where the glass is rolled up the pipe without an extra blob of glass. Each glass cane and element is perfectly fused to the next, a process known as “rimarginatura”, before being passed onto the counter punty (pontello) and hand-opened. The canes are not flattened, which preserves their lens effect and creates a stunning play of light.
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