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Italian Adjustable Three-Arm Triennale Style Chandelier, Brass Patinated

Italian Adjustable Three-Arm Triennale Style Chandelier, Brass Patinated

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The chandelier draws inspiration from the iconic 1950s light fixtures made by the mid-century modern Italian studios Arteluce and Stilnovo, specifically the Triennale lamp by Angelo Lelii. However, it boasts a unique and distinctive design that adds elegance and sophistication to any home.
Crafted by a specialized workshop in mid-century modern design, every detail of this lamp is meticulously considered to match the hard-to-find lamps from the 1950s. The arms and body are made of natural solid brass and hand-painted to perfection. Each arm has a counterweight in the same color as the opposite shade.
The lampshades are made of spun aluminum with small holes, and each one is 11 in. (27.5 cm), with two bulbs, a candelabra socket on the smaller upper cone, and a regular socket on the larger lower dome-shaped shade. The shades have adjustable heads so that you can direct the higher lumen output to the desired area while the opposite provides ambient light. They are enameled with the colors of the 1950s palette, with an ivory tone inside.
This chandelier is currently only made to order; please contact us for any special size requirements.
It is important to note that this fixture should only be installed by someone who is familiar with how the product is constructed and operated.

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