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Four-Arm Brass Asymmetrical Chandelier, Ivory Gold Pivot Shades, Stilnovo Style

Four-Arm Brass Asymmetrical Chandelier, Ivory Gold Pivot Shades, Stilnovo Style

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New design using a regular structure and playing with the arm combination to achieve asymmetry and an intriguing new approach for these stemmed chandeliers.
Heads are pivoting this way with the different orientation of the light the surface illuminated is uniform. Therefore it works on a dining table or a counter, however his best use is the living room or a large hall.
There are 4 bulbs aiming down and other 4 bulbs that would provide ambiance light.
Colors of shades can be changed. See my storefront for the colors in use. Natural patina brass.
Pivoting heads helps with the light distribution in the room. Upper shades contribute to the ambiance light and lower shades for the direct lights.
There is a special feature on customization: double circuit (to lit up cones separately from down lights) upon request, and it's complimentary. You can have one circuit or both dimmable to play with more light to the ceiling, on conversation before dinner, and full light on the table when dinner starts.
Made by a lab specialized in mid-century restoration. Owner is a collector himself and connoisseur of the period. This chandelier takes it's inspiration from several different chandeliers of the 1950s and follows the path of Angelo Lelli, Vittoriano Viganò for Arredoluce or Sarfatti and Giuseppe Ostuni for Stilnovo.
Everything is done with a passion for details and materials. The finish and the appearance is the same of the originals that are now extremely difficult to find in good conditions.
Shades: Each shade is made of two separate shade. Carries two bulbs. The small shades are using candelabra socket the large has as standard socket. In alternative,upon request, both can carry candelabra socket.
Shade have adjustable pivot head so that the output from the large shade can be directed to the desired area and the opposite would have ambiance light. Shades are made in spun aluminum with the typical line of small holes. Enameled with the colors of the 1950s palette. Ivory white, Black. For other colors available please inquiry..
Arms and body: Made in natural solid brass and hand patinated.
Important: A person familiar with the construction and operation of the product must install this fixture.
This chandelier is current production made to order. Upon request the chandelier can be wired to have double circuit. Please write me for any special size requirement.
The outline of the shades was designed to summarize and recreate the 1950s chandelier from Arteluce and Stilnovo but it does not belong to either and it is an original design. The item is listed "in the style of" in order to facilitate the buyers research.
Being the heads pivoting, the diameter indicated is variable.

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