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Courtney Branching Brass Chandelier Black w/Gold Inside Stilnovo Style 24 Lights

Courtney Branching Brass Chandelier Black w/Gold Inside Stilnovo Style 24 Lights

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This midcentury style chandelier has 12 arms and 24 lights.
It was made to fulfill a request of a more compact design of the huge 32 lights version. The result was so nice that it became part of my line and carries the name of customer Courtney, from Alexandria VA.
Branching chandeliers has the limit of dim light output, this has finally the right design for getting a great light output.
Midcentury spider chandelier with perpendicular branching arms. Each horizontal arm is made in two different lengths to avoid overlapping of the orthogonal arms in distant view. An perfect layout of light spots, for downlight, wall and ceiling suitable brightening.
The gold inside provides charm and glamour effect. Can be replaced with ivory for an understated end result.
A statement fixture. Cannot get un-noticed. The centerpiece of your home
There is a special feature on customization: double circuit. This is what makes the offer special. You can choose in having the double circuit lighting the 6 arms with lateral and down light or the lateral and up light.
Another possible combination is to have all verticals (ceiling and down) lit together and all lateral light together. Both options are complimentary. If you can have each circuit dimmable there could be dramatic effects. If you own art pieces, you can have lateral lights to show your masterpieces on a dark environment and then increase the down and uplights when guests are coming in.
Shades: Each shade carry candelabra socket. Enameled with the colors of the 1950s palette. Ivory white, Black. Lacquered gold finish inside.
Arms and body: Made in natural solid brass and hand patinated.
Important: A person familiar with the construction and operation of the product must install this fixture.
This chandelier is current production made to order. Upon request the chandelier can be wired to have double circuit.

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