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Collector's Eclectic Set of 8 Cenedese Flutes, Each in Different Design. Unique

Collector's Eclectic Set of 8 Cenedese Flutes, Each in Different Design. Unique

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A rare find. This is from the personal collection of Amelio Cenedese. 

I had the privilege to access and become the owner of this large collection of Cenedese single pieces and grouped them in eclectic sets.

The beauty of this group is that there is a liason of all being Amelio Cenedese design and all coming from the 50s. 

This group is absolutely unique and would become the focus of a table set, each guest is special and different from the other so why and shouldn't the stemware be like that!

There is a profusion of 50s colors and techniques, some are not possible to reproduce nowadays.

Amethyst, dark fume, light fume, ultra rare green fume, rose and amber. All colors that are working well together. See all the photos 

When not in use, they are beautiful to admire as a collector's set. 

Nothing like this exists in the market.

Listed measure is of the item on the left for reference also of the others. 

One note about the fume color. Very old technique, it started as a color that would be difficult to avoid. When furnaces were working on wood fire, the partial combustion of the wood created a smoke inside the crucible, the carbon residual in the melted glass gave a light amber color that you can see on the XVII chandeliers.  With Barovier formula of for the "cristallo" this coloration was resolved so the fume became a finish.

So the way to attain this color is similar to the Japanese Raku, reducing the oxigen input, the fire starts creating reducent smoke (in italian fumo/fume).  The technique was then perfectionated working over other colors. Metal oxides also change the color in reducent atmosphere. Today this technique is hard to acheive with the pure burning of natural gas, so it became a way to recognise antiques.



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