Intrudcing the Monolite, a Brass and Ivory-Toned Onyx Chandelier by Silvio Piattelli

Intrudcing the Monolite, a Brass and Ivory-Toned Onyx Chandelier by Silvio Piattelli

We are proud to present the Monolite, a stunning and revolutionary brass and ivory-toned Onyx sculptural chandelier designed by Silvio Piattelli. This chandelier combines ancient materials with modern design to create a true work of art.

The rectangular onyx shades that make up the Monolite come from quarries in the Middle East and feature unique veining. The shade itself is monolithic, which means it appears as one whole piece of stone, giving the chandelier an otherworldly feel. The name "Monolite" is a perfect fit, not only because of its striking shape but also because of the uniform distribution of light that illuminates the onyx shade, hence “mono light”.

Crafted with care in Italy, the translucent stone was chosen for its combination of interesting patterns, high translucency, and the way it enhances the warmth of the light output. The onyx shades are situated at the end of arms that can rotate, allowing for endless possibilities when it comes to adjusting the geometry of the chandelier. You can create different groupings and clusters of arms, making it the perfect piece for any setting or occasion.

But the Monolite packs a punch when it comes to illuminating any space. The standard version includes a state-of-the-art non-flickering dimmable driver that's hosted in the canopy, ensuring that you get the perfect amount of light without any annoying flickering.

Each shade has a 175 cm (29.5 inches) specially manufactured LED strip with a state of the art 200 lumens per watt. The chandelier uses 105 watts and has a native light output of almost, 19,000 lumens. The onyx reduces that by a third and warms the native 4000K led, so the result is an actual light output omnidirectional of 10/12,000 lumens and 2700 K.

In short, the Monolite is the perfect piece to elevate in your home and make a statement!


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