How did you get into lighting design?. I started with some scavo table lamps and torcheres in the 80ties and that introduced me to the Italian world of componentry and manufacturing. There is not such a place like Italy for lighting projects and production. The big names like Flos, Foscarini and Leucos, but also high production like Linea Light or Targetti are subcontracting to an incredible number of brilliant small manufacturer for parts, From the top glass blowers and handopeners in Murano, to the steady production and innovative Terraferma. Laser-cut, spun, mill for hardware of your own design or premade components like Rovelli or AVS. Everything heads to an assembler and the boxed product gets back to the main brand.

My big jump in designing was in 2000 when Oggetti decided to expand into lighting and I was in charge of product developement. Many glass artist had beautiful vessels but not the hardware, so I started designing universal hardware at first, then more and more complex fixtures.

What is your design like? I went throug different styles. In the first decade we had both the pendant boom and the LCL.  Now is LED driving the market, There is a sort of battle,  integrated vs retrofit led. There is a resistance to integrated LED, people think there is a lack of freedom ot being able to change the bulb. Integrated LED gives design opportunities than a A19 Edison socket would never give. The standard attachement of light (screw or G9) was not concieved for LED and LED are emitting light from a side only, that brings a challange to drive light using diffusion, reflection and refraction (shade, mirror and lenses).

When do you stated publishing your pieces? With Oggetti every design contribution was under the brand name. I have started publishing my name two years ago with the Alchemist collection. I was excited to see “Silvio Piattelli Design” on the first brochure from Ribo Collection.

What is your background?. I always worked in furnishing and lighting, I had the privilege to work with many customers, artists and desingers in different medias beside glass. Marble, furniture, carved wood, ceramic and terracotta.