2003 | First collection. Using tumblers as lighting shades.

Murano makers are fantastic. Once Oggetti started getting out and selling pendants and sconces in multicolor murrina, we got an excess of proposals!. Owners would came twice a year and select perhaps 20% of the proposals, All were good….and selection was aimed not duplicating the same finish, price and, of course,  aestethics. What to do with the rejected samples? We all shared  some and the rest became gift. I have at home some beautiful ones!. In order to have an easier piece to use for judging finishes we started making tumblers.

Just dropping a G9 inside, see the lit unlit effect and then deciding on the shape.  Happens that tumblers were also a nice shade and had a great price point. Here an example of the “few” variation from Hans Peter Neidhardt on the Kandiskii theme. Adriano dalla Valentina did 40 variations!


In order to uniform the pieces I designed and made an iron mould that spun around Murano every production run from supplier to supplier.

The Surya (god of light in Hinduism) collection was designed on a coned tube that would continue the outline of the tumbler.

This way I would fight against the  perception of a drinking glass upside down. .The base was different with a 45degrees wall, which is more unique, and harder to copy. Both were made by Rovelli. Oops …..we forget to tell him it would have to be exclusive…parts are still on their catalog!.

The collection was great, we did so many variations, table lamp, twin table lamp. single torchere, triple torchere, sconce!. Now the collection is over, At one point the fashion in lighting changed to show the least amount of hardware, the Surya collection had too much metal showing and slowly faded out. Perhaps today in brushed brass or gunmetal,…..


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