2002 | Universal flush mount backplate. The beginning.

This was back in 2002, The collection of pendant became wide and the idea was that every pendant could to be offered as a sconce, instead of making a different design for each shape,

There was no laser cut reasonably available. Design 3D were too complex. I was using a 2D graphic design, I think it was paint in bitmap!. The company to make the cuts used a automatic chiseller so there was not a continuous cut but many little steps. The challenge was to make the a backplate that covered the jbox, the bulb, and being able to accept a wide variety of shapes. It’s still in production and it has been copied by many other makers. Once I was at Formia and they showed me my hardware saying that it was well designed.. I was more pleased than upset.

I am still suprised to see how many features I covered using a simple construction.

  • Three bar attachement points to allow two sliding position to accept narrow and wide sconces
  • Using a sliding nut stud on the ears, allowing to catch imperfect drilling and allowing flush mount by gravity
  • Circular slots for levelling the sconce when mounting to the jbox.
  • Replaceable socket
  • Thee “bumps” for non wobbling when tightened to the wall

Today the sconce starts showing its limit, first because it can not be used on clear shades as it shows too many mechanical aspects, second that it was desinged over a candelabra socket. There is a G9 version now.

I recently got to make a new backplate, How many changes.  I am designing 3D. Check fittings on the screen, than make prototypes in 3d printing. I now send the file to the lab so that I can have the piece made when I get there.

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