2004 | Working with CAD. Pendant first 2D designs

I used to work with sketches and sometimes a graphic editor like paint. I found a great freeware 2D and started working on it. The name is CADSDT. Just a simple and easy to use and share.

Here one of my last sketch desings. A simple 3 arms holder. to see the fitting I designed directly on the shade! It’s the 3 arms pendant. Still in use and probably we passed a couple of thousand made.

CAD design allows to verify all proportions to make sure that holes and sizes are matching and no more hit and miss. A first timid tentative to check photometric results before seeing the shade.


This was important as at the time we were woring with Luminos in Slovenia and this way I was able to get the mouth opening correctly cut and have a 90 degrees angle so I could limit the number of visits.

Also the regular pendant hardware is still in production. Shows his hage because it was set for the 33mm candelabra hole. Than adjusted to G9 and loosing the benefit that G9 gives of having a minimal hardware visible,  I found my first rendering also!. I was trying to demostrate the benefit of a new hardware and hole on the pendants. Unfortunately to change the connection hole would have required to loose existing inventory, replaces samples so….we carried an obsolete design forever. This was a big lesson for design. Once a connection is established it is forever. We are still using Edison screw and everyone in the industry would want to get rid of it. We use wifi control over our lighting fixtures, but the plug stays the same.

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